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The FAQs below cover the most commonly asked questions regarding thesis printing, binding, ordering online and how to send us your thesis or dissertation. Just click on any question to view the answer.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for please send us an e-mail on Thank you.

Q1: Want the Small Print First? No Problem!

  1. As we print on the highest quality 120gsm paper, the maximum number of sheets per volume is 235 sheets – that’s 235 pages if printed on one side or 470 pages if printed on both sides. This complies with the submission regulations of most universities and colleges.
  2. What if my thesis is above 235 pages. In this case we need to use traditional stitching andgum binding and we need more timeand unfortunateltthis costs more. We will contact you with options and costs if your order exceeds normal page limits.
  3. If your thesis or dissertation exceeds the above parameters please e-mail us on and we will deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.
  4. Our Online Order Form will calculate your order based on your estimate of the number of pages with black and white or colour printing. After you submit your order, our systems will pick-up exactly how many pages of each there are. Naturally, we reserve the right to contact you if your estimate turns out to have been inaccurate.

Q2: How much will this cost me?

Please see details of our prices here.

Q3: How quickly can you get my order to me?

We will print and bind your order on the same day as you send it to us provided you mail it to us before 09.30 a.m. Your order will be ready to collect from later that same day!
We have convenient collection and delivery options, details of which can be found on our Order Form here.
To be absolutely sure of making your college or university’s submission deadline we recommend you to send us your order for printing and binding at least two days before your submission date.

Q4: Can ThesisDirect arrange delivery to more than one address?

Yes, we can. Please contact us here and give us the full second delivery address. Please remember that each delivery costs money so your e-mail will allow us to make the necessary arrangements and quote you for the cost of the second delivery.

Once you have paid the agreed amount here, we will be able to arrange your second delivery without delay.

Q5: How do I send My Thesis to ThesisDirect?

First, you need to save your thesis or dissertation in PDF format. This is to ensure that there can be absolutely no changes whatsoever from what you submit to what we receive so your thesis turns out exactly as you intended.
If you’re not sure how to do this, here’s how to save a WORD document into PDF:
On a PC:
  • Go to ‘File’ and ‘Save As’
  • Call it your name, e.g., MichaelDHiggins.pdf
  • Change the ‘File Type’ to PDF
  • Select where you want your new PDF file saved
  • Press ‘Save’
On a MAC:
  • Go to ‘File’ and ‘Save As’
  • Call it your name, e.g., MichaelDHiggins.pdf
  • Change the ‘Format’ to PDF
  • Select where you want you new PDF file saved
  • Press ‘Save’
Don’t have ‘Adobe Acrobat’ to convert your WORD document to PDF?
No problem. Just press here now and follow the simple instructions to download it.

I’m using the Pages App on iOS:

  • Go to Tools [the spanner icon at the top right]
  • Select ‘Share and Print’
  • The select ‘Send a Copy’ or ‘Open in Another App’
  • You will be given both PDF and Word as options!

Here’s some very important advice you really should consider before proceeding!

Before converting your thesis into PDF, for your own sake PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE:

1. Proof read it… this is your last chance to make it perfect!

2. Remember that colour is more expensive to print than than black and white and all our bundles assume adherance with our Fair Usage Policy – please see the details on the online Order Form. So please ensure that you know how many pages contain a colour, of any description, in their headers, footers or main body as you will need to tell us. NB: ‘grey scale’ and coloured hyperlinks such as email addresses and website URLs print as colour so be careful with those!

3. Follow these instructions carefully…

  • Minimum margins: All text, tables, graphs, images, graphs, page numbers, foot notes, headers etc. should have a 2.5cm (1″) minimum margin around all edges to enable binding without interfering with your printed work
  • Single sided printing, paper and special requirements: We will  print your thesis single-sided only on high quality 100 gsm white paper unless you instruct us otherwise on the next page.

Q6: How many copies of my thesis do I need?

We recommend three hardback copies (one copy as a courtesy for your supervisor, one copy is usually required for the college or university library and a souvenir copy for yourself, parents or special people in your life).  The softback copy is useful for the second reader of your work.

Q7: Can I get a discount with bulk orders?

Yes you can! We have arranged with a number of colleges for special terms if a minimum of ten orders come from the same class or group. Obviously, we may need slightly longer to print, bind and deliver bulk orders directly to your college so please call or e-mail us to discuss your requirements.

Compare our prices – you will save you and your classmates a lot of money!

Q8: What information is printed in gold letters on your thesis’ cover and spine?

Your front cover should usually be printed in gold foil with the following content [all of which is provided by you at the time of placing your order]:

• Full title of your work

• Your full name as author

• The title of your course / award

• Year of submission or award – please check which one your college or university requires

• Course Code (this assists library staff and others who may want to reference your work later)

Your spine should be printed in gold foil with the following:

• Year of submission or award (please check your college or university’s requirement)

• The title of your course or award

• Your Course Code

• Your name as author

Q9: Single-sided or Double-sided printing?

We can print each page of your thesis single-sided or double-sided. It makes very little difference to costs but obviously single-sided makes your thesis more bulky. For example, Trinity College Dublin specifies double-sided printing.

You must specify single or double sided printing on our Order Form and ensure that your thesis file is formatted for double-sided printing if this is what you require. NB: this usually means inserting page numbers at the centre of the page so they appear uniformly throughout your thesis.

Q10: Colour pages: can I print my colour pages and send these separately?

Afraid not! We offer the lowest prices in the market and a large part of this is that our machines are automated to work directly from the PDF file you submit. However, you can save yourself money by avoiding unnecessary colour. So please ensure that any hyperlinks / URLs / web or e-mail addresses / headers and footers are converted from colour and greyscale, which they often default to, into plain black and white.

Please also see a number of very useful cost saving tips and hints at the Thesis Advice section of our website.

Q11: What paper does print on?

We use highest quality 120gsm satin finish paper for your thesis. You get a great reproduction of your thesis, both in colour and black and white print. Also, the images you send us are reproduced superbly.

As indicated under the Fair Usage Policy outlined at Question 1 of these FAQs, some larger texts may need to be printed on 80gsm paper.

This reflects the professional level of service you can expect from ThesisDirect, the Low Cost Thesis Binder.