FOUR Ways to Save Money on Thesis / Dissertation Binding (Click here)

FOUR Ways to Save Money on Thesis / Dissertation Binding

Get yours bound by and save up to 40% immediately. We have a price comparison here but please feel free to compare our prices with any competitor. We offer great quality at much lower costs!

Greyscale is the grey colour that appears in headers and footers and it’s always treated as a colour in printing. So simply ensure your headers and footers e.g., all your page numbers, name, paragraph titles etc are black and white and save yourself a fortune – particularly with thesis binding companies that charge you by the page.

Hyperlinks such as URL’s, website addresses, e-mail addresses etc which you have in the body of your thesis and in your reference section are generally automatically defaulted to colour (usually blue), so change these to black and white and again, save up to 55 cent per page!

Time: get your thesis bound at least 2 to 3 days before submission date. Many thesis binders charge up to €15 extra per copy for last minute orders! ThesisDirect can deliver your thesis in 24 hours if you get it to us by 9.00 a.m. the previous day.

Plus, one no brainer (!) that we’re sure you’ve thought of yourself. Give your thesis one final proof-reading well before your submission deadline because it’s expensive to correct mistakes once a printer has started their work.

These money saving ideas are brought to you by ThesisDirect. Please visit our website for advice on Plagiarism, Getting Started on Your Thesis, How to Get First Class Honours, What is a Viva, other great money saving advice and many more topics of interest!

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