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Your Thesis: how to get first class honours ( Click Here)

Want to know how to get first class honours – or first class ‘honors’ for our American friends and followers?! Want to know how your thesis will be marked? If so, this article is a must read! You can actually predict the grade your thesis or dissertation will be awarded – or measure your work-in-progress before you even submit it – by critically evaluating your work against a scoring ‘rubric’. This is a document many colleges use to assist the fair evaluation of a student’s work.

What is a Viva? (Click Here)

Called for a Viva? The full name is a Viva Voce which is Latin for “with living voice”, more colloquially known as a “Viva” or oral examination of a student’s thesis. Check your course’s regulations. A Viva Voce may well be a requirement of your course or it may apply only to a certain percentage of students in a particular degree course who may be called at random to undertake a “Viva”.

How to Prepare for a Viva Voce (Click Here)

How to prepare for a Viva Voce You can prepare for a Viva and this preparation is vital to your chances of doing well. It is an examination of your work and deserves the same level of preparation as any exam. You cannot predict every possible question you might be asked, but you can certainly focus on areas that will prepare you for giving a good account of yourself.